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Mandy’s Dilemma an “Oasis” story

Created by Johnny T & Shirley M

Based on Rosie’s Roadhouse By Cyndi D. Locke

Twelve years in the making. It’s back to the west of town and the “Oasis” for another fun Adventure. Jimmie is missing! Mandy is left to run things. Susie wants to be a country star, and Barry, “the not so successful concert promoter” is trying to steal the place out from under everyone’s nose in order to build a new concert venue with the falls as a backdrop. The dishwasher wants to be a cook while Drew and Gertie . . . . .well, you’ll just have to come along and experience “Mandy’s Dilemma”. Music from the Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Shania Twain and many more. Great show, set locally. Fun for all ages.

Doors Open 6:00 PM – Dinner at 6:30 – Showtime 7:30

Musical Clearances Secured By Permission

We’re sorry but all remaining shows are SOLD OUT