Dolly’s Pop Rock Country Disco

Written & Directed By Shirley Morrow

It’s 1995, and Dolly is all set to open Dolly’s Pop Rock Country Disco. Obsessed with all things Dolly Parton, she’s ready to toss the Disco Ball & Neon for Cowboy Boots and Denim! Tonight is “live auditions” night and she’s excited to showcase the best new Country artists in Central. But her coworkers and landlord have other ideas! Dolly’s signed “lease to own” agreement includes a very fine print NO COUNTRY MUSIC CLAUSE. When the owner shows up to watch the auditions, Dolly and her staff must scramble to ditch the Country outfits and do songs that Hank will approve of. It’s a nostalgic romp through some of the most iconic tunes of the 80s, with songs from various genres, as Dolly’s new club diversifies to become Dolly’s Pop Rock Country Disco! Don’t miss the shenanigans…you might even get to audition!

Doors open     6:10 p.m.

Please be seated by 6:25 p.m.

First course served     6:30 p.m.